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Clinical Research Engineers have been supplying expert field clinical engineer services for over a decade.

Our Mission

Clinical Research Engineers is a dedicated and professional company committed to supporting the advancement of medical technology for the benefit of humanity.

Our People

We are a team of Medtech Engineers, Field Clinical Engineers, Biomedical Engineers, Clinical Research Associates (CRAs), Imaging Specialists, Regulatory Affairs Experts, Physiologists, Clinical Trials Research Nurses and Business Operations Manager.

Our team is growing rapidly. We will provide the relevant profiles of individuals in our service tailored to your service requirements.

Field Clinical Research Engineers

We are your Corporate Ambassador. We are your reliable representative or advocate in the clinical environment. Clinical Engineers (Aust and NZ) will become an extension of your company and will be engaged in the full cycle of your medical device trial.

A note from the CEO

Working in the forefront of medical technology development and being involved with clinical trials is immensely gratifying. What I like most is the camaraderie and the sense of accomplishment in working towards a common goal that will benefit patients and contribute to the advancement of medicine. Being a member of a clinical trials team is an honor and a privilege. It is an opportunity to work, learn and teach together. It’s about teamwork and every experience is unique and rewarding. I am particularly excited about the opportunities arising from the recent tax incentives the Australian Government is offering to new investments in clinical trials and R&D.

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